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Dave, 20 years old, Columbus, USA
Kate, 20 years old, College Station, USA
Deborah, 43 years old, New York City, USA
Andrew, 41 years old, Chicago, USA
Sara, 22 years old, San-Pedro, Ivory Coast
Steven, 43 years old, Newnan, USA
Whitney, 49 years old, Salem, USA
Ayaan, 26 years old, Shiliguri, India
Kate, 39 years old, Washington, D.C., USA
Niaz, 47 years old, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Christian, 32 years old, Long Beach, USA
Michael, 34 years old, Anchorage, USA
Diane, 40 years old, Garfield, USA
Oliver, 30 years old, Meridian, USA
James, 39 years old, Boca Del Mar, USA
Brenda, 22 years old, Moscow, USA
Melanie, 41 years old, Kansas City, USA
Angelnelly, 32 years old, Asheville, USA
Phil, 22 years old, Chicago, USA
Cheryl, 27 years old, Lexington, USA
Steven, 29 years old, Auburn Hills, USA
Samantha, 28 years old, Billings, USA
James, 49 years old, Rochester, USA
Diane, 43 years old, Los Angeles, USA
Brenda, 32 years old, Dallas, USA
Sally, 29 years old, Carlsbad, USA
Sandy, 23 years old, Bear, USA
Dylan, 50 years old, Madison, USA
Priscilla, 40 years old, Reading, USA
Ellen, 53 years old, Kansas City, USA